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Operating since 2017, Aurora Blaze is an all LED, hydroponic, indoor cannabis farm located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Inspired by the aromatics, flavor and beauty of the strains we grow, we aim to provide an excellent cannabis experience for Alaskans all over the state.  

H127 bay 5 CD w6.JPG

Chemdawg at 6 weeks flower

H119 B3 FT PP w8.JPG

Frozen Tangerines and Purple Punch (behind) at 8 weeks flower

H120 B4 HOBA w7_01.JPG

Honey Banana at 7 weeks flower

H120 B4 HOBA w4_01.JPG
H120 B4 HOBA w4_02.JPG

Honey Banana at 4 weeks flower

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